Software Developer

I graduated from RIT in fall 2016 with a degree in Game Design and Development. I spent the past three years working as a front-end web developer in Rochester, NY.

I am currently unemployed and actively pursuing positions in the game industry as a gameplay programmer, with the intention of moving toward game graphics programming or low-level engine programming.

I am proficient in JavaScript, C++, and ActionScript 3/ Haxe. I have some experience with Lua, C#, Java, and other languages commonly used in web development. At a high level, I have used Unity, Processing, and Adobe Flash, and currently I'm learning Unreal Engine. At a lower level, I have used OpenGL and DirectX for creating simple game engines and games.

I spend my free time composing music, dabbling in pixel art, and studying Japanese — oh, and I seem to have this weird fascination for math.

Lately, I've tried to recruit friends for game jams/hackathons to try out new tech for expanding my horizons. It's a fast–growing industry so it's imperative to stay on your A–game.