Moon Pond Flow

Game – Chiptune – Swing

Here's a fun, swingy chiptune piece. This is my newest released song as of February 2016.

Ravagen Theme

Game – Space – Minimalistic

This is the newest rendition of the theme to my game Ravagen. I think the minimalism of it helps emphasize the emptiness of space, which is really fitting for Ravagen's story.

Reflections (WIP)

Vocals – Electronic

Reflections is a collab between a friend and I which we intend to return to and finish one day. Our main focus for this song was the lyrics, and figuring out how we worked as a team. I'd say it went well!

Wary Triumph

Game – Retro – Loop

I made this tune during a game jam with a friend. It served as our overworld theme, although I think it would be more fitting for a subtly mysterious area.


Vocals – Dance – EDM

Here's a fun, little ditty I put together after returning from Japan. I tried mixing some older-sounding influences with newer ones and ended up with a catchy little tune.

Stargaze (WIP)

Electronic – Psychedelic Rock

This is a newer song that I've been working on, but haven't quite finished yet. Tame Impala definitely served as some inspiration for this song.

I Fell From The Sky Too

Game – Chill – Loop

Here's a calming tune I wrote with the intention of being the BGM for an overworld or title screen.